About me


My name is Steph and I live in New Zealand. I like to spend my weekdays running about with hobbits, doing the haka and bungy jumping. On the weekends I play rugby.

Actually, no – although that does sound like fun. I am a Kiwi, yes, but I’ve just returned to live in my hometown of Taranaki after almost three years in Melbourne, and before that about a year in Norway, and before that I’d travelled for a few months and fallen head over heels with my Norwegian Viking – hence the upheaval to the absolute opposite side of the world.

The Viking and I met in Vietnam, got along extremely well and then skype-dated for seven months until I upped sticks to Norway – where I quickly found out I couldn’t walk on ice and I’d been mispronouncing my beloved’s name since we met.  Fast forward a little while and we moved to Melbourne, got a spoodle called Alfie, had our beautiful daughter Bubba (not her real name, just scared she’ll want to divorce me or ask me to pay for her future counselling if I ruin her chances at being a Supreme Court Judge by linking her real name to potty training stories), got married, decided Melbourne wasn’t fitting the bill any more and moved back to my homeland.

So now we’re settling back into a slower pace of life, surrounded by free babysitters, I mean family, raising our trans-Tasman spoodle and our, frankly, bloody hilarious child and trying to find the funny in everyday life.

This blog has a few snippets from our lives, the ups and downs, the occasional rants I get caught up in, my newly formed crochet/upcycling/vintage habits and the beautiful and bizarre conversations I have with strangers on a regular basis.

It’s kind of warts and all.

Thanks very much for having a read, I hope you like it and I hope you have a laugh – if you don’t then “hey! What’s that over there?” *runs and hides behind couch*.



Have a cracking day,