Say laters to leather-skin – my top 5 moisturisers

tumblr_m3ervkCSMb1qg1kcso1_1280 Summer is done so it’s time to put the long pants on, throw the razor away and look at your jungle legs in about a month and gasp with awestruck disgust. It’s dry skin season people! I am not one for naturally dewy skin, I am one for lizard-like scales and unless I moisturise about five times a day, I basically turn to dust and fall through the cracks in the floorboards. The Viking is equally as dehydrated, although he impressively got frostbite on his fingers while doing military training outside in -30 degree Norwegian winter temperatures and suffers dry skin as a result. Kind of adorable. Anyway, moisturisers are located in every room of our house, and we have road-tested our fair share.

Here’s my top 5 anti-lizard skin moisturisers: 1. Aveeno – Daily Moisturising Stress Relief Lotion $13.95 342853 This is a supermarket staple for us. It’s cheap, smells like lovely sleepy lavender bedtime and is quickly absorbed. Definitely my number one. 2. Grown – Intensive Body Cream – $29.95


A friend gave me this cream and I’ve got to say – I love it. I’ve hidden it from the Viking so I can savour every drop of it. It’s full of a bunch of amazing ingredients,  pomegranate, capuacu butter, acai berry, the list goes on. It’s all natural and has a gorgeous light fragrance. Perfect for crunchy elbows and dusty kneecaps. Not the cheapest but worth the splurge if you need a pick-me-up this winter. 3. Trilogy Everything Balm – $29.95 (95ml) or $18.95 (45ml)


Not only is this an amazing balm for lips, face, hair and hands but it’s an awesome gift for any pregger in your life. Apparently Danni Minogue used it as a belly rub when she was up the duff to fend off stretch marks. I’ve also taken it on planes to lather on before the aeroplane atmosphere sucks every drop of moisture out of my body. One 95ml tub will last you forever and ever. I also rub it in the palms of my hands to squish down split ends if I’m ‘between’ haircuts. It’s made from evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil and rosehip oil.


4. Melrose Coconut Oil $11.95 Now this cold-pressed, unrefined oil is amazing. A friend of mine put me onto Coconut oil as a beauty product a few years back and I’ve kept a jar in the pantry ever since. That’s right, the pantry. Coconut oil is super good for you when used as a replacement for other cooking oils and it’s fabulous as a beauty product too. And talk about cheap! I use Melrose but there are many others out there, just look for cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. You can use it on your face, your body and your hair, and if there’s some left you can make a stir-fry with it. You know it’s got to be good for you if you can spread it on crackers! Sometimes I find that the oil doesn’t absorb that quickly into my skin and needs to be dabbed off, but if you’ve got time to spare it’s a good one to let sink in for a while. Whenever my hair looks like it’s going to snap off from dryness I whack some big clumps on my hair, rub it in a bit, pile my hair up in a topknot and sleep with it in, wake up and wash it in the morning and it’s the best intensive moisturising treatment your hair will ever get. Lait-Corporel_200ml 5. Biotherm Lait Corporel Anti-drying Body Milk $39 I am blessed with lovely in-laws, but I’m particularly blessed because they regularly buy me French luxury line – Biotherm as Christmas presents. I probably wouldn’t spend $39 on a body moisturiser for myself, but I’ve got to admit – this one is worth it. Biotherm is huge in Europe for a good reason, it’s beautiful, light, smells amazing and goes on like silk.   What about you? What’s your staple moisturiser? Feature photo credit: Take over time