Eating your feelings – Easter style


I think it is by some divine intervention that Easter happens to fall during my ‘Eat your feelings’ stage of grief. The icing on the cake is of course being a mother to a two-year-old who is showered with chocolate eggs all weekend and for whom it would be unhealthy to consume a diet consisting purely of delicious solidified fats, artificial additives and unethically sourced sugars. But Mama says YUM!

Oh lord I’ve been eating. I told the Viking I wanted to eat a pack of biscuits and he looked at me strangely. Luckily, there were no biscuits, but there was a frozen cheesecake. Was.

I don’t want to talk too much about Alfie, we loved him, he loved us, we were lucky to have him and we had to say goodbye. But our lives go on without him. The house is certainly quieter, I’ve had to start picking up dropped food from the floor and nobody licks my ankles anymore, and we will always, always miss him. We’ve had a beautiful canvas printed of him so we can still sit in the lounge and look at him.

I’ve been fortunate to have been really busy lately, which is great. I had a rapid-fire trip to my old stomping ground of Wellington for meetings. I wasn’t in time to meet Kate, Wills and George. I was in time for a massive day-long downpour and good ol’ Welly sideways rain. Why I bothered to straighten my hair I’ll never know, I forget why I took one of those handbag sized umbrellas too – considering Harley Davidsons get blown over in the wind in Wellington a $12 brolly doesn’t stand much of a chance at all.

But back to eating my feelings. I think as long as I recognise why I’m huffing kettle fried chips like a glue-sniffing delinquent it’s not quite so bad, sure the calories are procreating like guinea pigs in a sorority house but I don’t think this will go on too much longer. And I’m surely not alone – a friend on Facebook posted photos of his Easter creations today, a trio of brownies in the following flavours: Creme Egg, White Chocolate M&M and Marshmallow. He is SO lucky he lives in London. But just in case, I found this recipe for Creme Egg Brownies. Enjoy. Share.

And if someone you know is feeling blue, send round some cheesy potatoes with a side of deep-fried mars bar to show you care, think to yourself – what would Elvis (fat jumpsuit Elvis, not young hot Elvis) want to eat? Double the portion and you are on the money!

Happy Easter!