My introvert addiction

I am addicted to shy people. Well, perhaps ‘addicted’ is a little strong, I don’t snort them up in public toilets or anything. I just love them. I always have. I’ve been thinking about it lately actually, about how the closest people to me are generally those least like me. I’m not sure what that says about myself but I do know that I feel most comfortable around people who are quiet, thoughtful, sometimes reserved and often shy.

My best friend describes herself as shy. The Viking describes himself as the polar opposite of me. The yin to my yang I guess. He is very, very reserved. When he’s on the whiskeys, less so, but generally he is a very calm, laid back kind of a guy. He’s not shy but he doesn’t do small talk and he takes a while to warm up to people. I, on the other hand, enjoy nothing more than a chat with a random stranger and ‘could talk the leg off a chair’ was a common theme in my school reports.

I remember chatting to a friend at university and telling her that I was intrigued by shy or quiet people because I just couldn’t understand how they could keep their opinions to themselves, and I felt like it was a privilege for me to find out what was going on in their brains. I’m fascinated by their self-control, I guess.

There have been a few of these ‘how to treat introvert’ infographics around lately, and I find them really interesting. The one below is so fascinating, it explains so many of my past dealings with my closest introvert mates, like the time I asked my friend to come along for a goodbye yum cha for a friend of mine.

“Who will be there?” she said.

“I don’t know, the guy and us, maybe a couple of others.” I said.

Of course we got there and my friend had hired out the entire restaurant and there were about 50 people bidding him a fond farewell over their porkrolls and morning wontons.

“Oh God,” said my friend, “Steph, I just don’t have the energy!” and I really didn’t get it. Energy? I thought loads of people would take the pressure off a shy person because there wouldn’t be the pressure to talk so much with so many others willing to hog the limelight. But after reading this infographic I understood.

What do you think? Are you an introvert? Or do you seek them out in a room like I do?

This infographic was created by Graphic Designer Schroeder Jones

introvert infographic