Getting my Griswold on

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For the last few months I have been rubbing my hands together with absolute glee at the prospect of going Christmas-cray-cray. It’s our first New Zealand Christmas as a family, it’s my first Christmas here for four years and it’s Bubba’s first Christmas with more than just her Mama and Papa around. And we’re hosting it. I can’t wait.

I think I’ve been showing signs of becoming one of those slightly eccentric people who turn their whole houses into Santa’s grotto for some years now. I love colour, glitter, flashing lights and canned carols as much as the next three-year-old and I love the whole ‘a parade just exploded on my front lawn’ type of decorating that is taking hold now.

My only Achilles heel, my little smidge of Kryptonite is my husband. In Norway they keep their deccies fairly classy and low-key, and – get this, his family normally leave putting the tree up until December 23! And generally people don’t climb on ice-covered roofs to string up flashing Nativity scenes in -20 degree weather either. The Viking is mystified by my tinsel-obsession. He simply shook his head and walked away when I unveiled the elf hat with sewn on elf ears for him to wear. He tried to take Alfie with him but I’d already nabbed him and forced him into a Rudolph outfit.

I’m not taking any prisoners this Christmas.

So when I got an email from asking if I’d like to be set free on their awesome Christmas Decorations website I started foaming at the mouth a little.

I opted for some white LED lights, because I want to do this:


And then, then I cut loose a little and got an LED Santa Sleigh! Because HELL YES! Obviously there are a lot of Griswold-wannabes with the same mind-set as me because this has since sold out,


but, if your lounge needs some festive flashiness, I found this:


Crazy-tall sparkly tree.

and this:


Big, friendly, LED Polar Bear 

And elves on a see-saw, just because.

I love seeing more and more houses getting their Christmas glam on, and I’ve been fervently researching the latest trends in festive faberdashery (I just made that up, I’m aware it doesn’t make sense but I’d committed to the alliteration before I read it back). Over the weekend I joined a thousand other dedicated Christmas loving women (and about 4 men) in trekking around 9 houses that had taken part in ‘Deck the Rooms’ – which is a local fundraiser for Women’s Refuge. It was good fun and great inspiration. Note to self though – when looking around a very fancy house with posh lady owner sipping Pimms in kitchen, do not make jokes about slipping beautiful antique furniture into one’s handbag. You will find yourself ostracised from the group immediately.

How are your Christmas deccies coming along? Are you all over it or just over it?

If you’re interested in perusing the site I’ve noticed (she says while simultaneously checking the Christmas budget) that a lot of their decorations are now on special. Cheap and sparkly – two of my prerequisites for decorations, jewellery, clothes and nail polish. AND they deliver to NZ.